Exclusive interview with Cory “mumper” Stockton


A few hours ago we had the opportunity to interview the Blizzard’s Lead Content Designer, Cory “mumper” Stockton.

The topic was the new 5.3 patch, but we focused on the future of WoW as well. It was just a 20 minutes interview and we tried to squeeze in the best questions we had. Thanks to our twitter followers who sent us questions and, of course, thanks to my in game friends who also helped.

Usually, with every interview, we had just a transcript, but this time we changed the things a little bit… Since the interview took place on Skype, we recorded everything, we fixed whatever we could and we uploaded it on youtube.
Please excuse my accent, the low mic volume and my picture from the video. I swear it’s the best picture I could find!

I hope you’ll enjoy this. The transcript might come in the following days.