Special Companion Pets


A lot of people I know collect companion pets for various reasons. Some just want them for the achievements, some just love one or several specific pets and do whatever it takes to get it and, of course, some collect pets because of the “special abilities” that those pets have.

There is nothing special about those abilities. Most of them are just for fun. But, hey, it’s something special…
so here is a compilation of these special pets. In the following we will try to explain as best as we can what exactly are they doing and why are they special.

Interactive pets

Argent Squire / Argent Gruntling
When you first buy it, it wont be a very special pet. Other than displaying the banners of factions that you are champion of at Argent Tournament, it does nothing too fancy.
But, for this pet you have the possibility to buy an   Argent Pony Bridle. Equipped with this your pet can help you access a mailbox, a bank, or a vendor every 4 hours.

Guild Herald / Guild Page
This pet is the portable guild vendor. The Page can be summoned every 8 hours and the Herald every 4 hours. You can buy guild rewards wherever you are if you have one of these pets.

Ethereal Soul-Trader
This is an unique and interesting companion. He is a seller and sells an entire set of clothes (Soul-Trader Armor Set), some drink (Ethereal Liqueur), an updated version of leather ball (Ethereal Essence Sphere), a consumable to detect invisible things – except players – (Diluted Ethereum Essence) and a consumable to change your pet into a Flesh Beast (Ethereal Mutagen).

All these items are sold by the pet but you’ll need Ethereal Credits to buy them. To get that currency have this pet out while killing mobs that give you experience or honor. The pet will "drain the mob soul" and grant you Credits for it.

Lil’ Ragnaros
Unlike the bigger version of this pet that kills you if you are not careful, this little guy will help you cook your food. Yes, this pet can be used as a cooking fire when needed.

Disgusting Oozeling
When you have this pet out you’ll suffer. A debuff will be placed on you and it will "grant" you -20 to all resistances. Plus, it will make you look green…

This squirrel will throw nuts at you from time to time giving you the stun effect look. A cartoonish "boing" sound will be present too. The goog thing is that it’s only the look, you are not actully stunend.

Companions with personality

This guys really love cats! Try to get this pet out when Black Tabby Cat or Bombay Cat or Calico Cat or any cat basically (I think) is out and the little skunk will start chasing them. Of course, the little red hears are going to be all around the little lover too.

Grunty vs. 

Normal pets, but if they are too close to each other the fight will start. Unfortunately Grunty is the one who wins. I wonder why…
EDIT: I was wrong, Grunty does not win always. It’s random.

Blue Clockwork Rocket Bot and   Clockwork Rocket Bot
Basically, do not keep them close. Doesn’t matter if they are of the same kind. They just destroy each other with a round of well made rockets.

Lil’ K.T.

Landro’s Lichling

Toxic Wasteling

Lil’ Ragnaros


Searing Scorchling
These pets do NOT like critters. KT, Raggy and Willy will kill them on sight and the little Slime is eating them. If you want to protect the critters, do not use them!

Plump Turkey
This pet will die if he is next to a fire. But at least the result will be a tasty Turkey meal.

Elwynn Lamb
If idle, a wolf will appear and eat the Lamb. After a good Lamb meal the wolf will go to sleep. Protect your Lamb!

Jubling and 

Disgusting Oozeling
If you offer to one of these pets a Dark Iron Ale Mug the pet will go toward it and leap on it. What do you know! They like ale!

When you summon him he is pretty big, but he will reach the normal pet size in time. If you want him to grow back you have to take it to the water.

Emote pets

If you /kiss this pet he wil fall in love with you and turn you into a frog. I always thought is the other way around…

Snowman Kit
Even if this companion is not following you around he will respond to /dance and /kiss emotes.

Mr. Chilly
This responds with some cute animations to the /sexy emote.

I’m sure I missed some of the pets which should be on this list since there are over 200 pets currently in game. Did you noticed anything interesting at your pets?