WoW Down to 5.6M Subscribers


With the last expansions, it was a trend to see the subscribers going down with the announcement of the new expansion. Usually when players know that there will be no more content patches before the next expansion, they take a break and cancel their subscriptions.

The only difference now is that the subscribers went down to 5.6 million players and it can be considered a new lower milestone. The real reason behind this drop is unknown, but we can speculate…

Even if I don’t usually point fingers on that might have gone wrong, I made a little research last night to see what are the players complaining about. Of course I added my personal opinions to these…

  • Garrisons: even if they were really well received at first, this new feature really backfired in my opinion transforming the game completely especially for the casual players.
  • UIs: The user interface is great, with all the panels ans stuff, but I guess there are way too many of them now.
  • Professions: These changed completely. I guess only Inscription is still pretty much the same.
  • Dungeons: Even if they are great, they become pretty useless pretty fast. The removal of Justice/Valor Points had a big impact here. Yes, the new dungeon event revived somehow, but still.
  • Reputations: They are pretty useless to be honest. I also noticed this by tracking the Repcalc users. Take a look at the older factions (up to WotLK) and see the variety of reputation farming and rewards…
  • Raids: These are still great, but somehow they don’t have the same feeling. Can we compare Archimonde 2.0 with Lich King or even Garrosh?
  • World: The exploration, rares finding, treasures is really something trivial now. Even with “no-flying” policy people do not explore anymore. Why should they?
  • PvP: I confess, I’m not into it, but Ashran was nothing but waiting in huge queues. From what I read, the entire PvP is a bit messed up at the moment.
  • Content: There is plenty of content in my opinion, but sometimes it might become overwhelming, especially if you want to prepare everything in your garrison first… You simply don’t have time for everything.

There a lot of positive things and I personally enjoyed the game to one point and I’m still playing it, but some things has to change. Like I said, I guess this is the first time when I write something like this here on Wowjuju, but to see the subscribers going down, to see a lot of fansites closing and also to read about old employees leaving Blizzard made me want to write these lines.

Is nothing to be worry about though, and I’m sure with the new expansion things will change. Hopefully with the new expansion announcement we’ll get a few details on how Blizzard plans to fix things up.

The announcement for the new expansion will be made tomorrow so let’s wait until then, but before that tell us what do you like or don’t like about WoD.